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Investment Group & Process

The New Hampshire Trust Company is a conservative investment management firm, believing the top down, sector weighted approach provides the best risk adjusted long-term performance results. The Trust Company’s investment philosophy is driven by an analysis of the broad economic environment coupled with a fundamental approach to managing economic sector allocation.

The Trust Company selects individual stocks that tend to represent good value, relative to others in their industry, when considering company earnings, dividends or assets. Monitoring industry allocation is a key strategy.

The New Hampshire Trust Company’s investment portfolios are shaped by individual client investment requirements. Portfolios are managed in accordance with individual risk tolerances, income needs, tax consequences (if any), grantor created trust restrictions and specific social criteria, if desired. The Trust Company takes a long-term approach to investing, with low turnover.

Investment Management Process

The local portfolio manager has the ultimate responsibility for building client portfolios. The process includes:

Determining specific client goals based on:

  • time horizon
  • risk tolerance
  • overall return objectives
  • current income needs
  • tax situation

Evaluation of current economy:

  • interest rates
  • valuation levels

Deciding upon the optimal asset allocation

Construction of the investment portfolio

Ongoing review process:

  • reassess objectives
  • monitor the financial markets
  • evaluate results
  • rebalance the portfolio as needed

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