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The NH Advantage

There are a number of potential advantages to administering a trust in New Hampshire.  A partial list includes:

  1. Taxes – No state capital gains or income taxes on irrevocable trusts.
  2. Efficient Administration – With approval from beneficiaries, trustees can make certain changes to trusts without having to go to court.
  3. Perpetuity – Trusts can be created for several generations.
  4. Trust Protectors & Advisors – Can oversee or advise trustees to make sure that the settlor’s wishes are carried out.
  5. Asset Protection Trusts –Can provide significant protection against creditors.
  6. Decanting – Trustees may be able to transfer assets from an old trust to a newly created trust.  This can allow trustees to best serve beneficiaries of irrevocable trusts as situations change.

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