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Personal Trust & Planning Services

The New Hampshire Trust Company can assist you, in conjunction with your other trusted advisors, in the following areas:

Trust & Estate Planning

  • Complete review of your objectives
  • Estate tax minimization
  • Trust document review
Tax Planning

  • Income tax reduction strategies
  • Gifting options and opportunities
Retirement Planning

  • Current analysis of retirement goals
  • Investment advice consistent with timing of retirement
  • Periodic review and updates
Charitable Planning

  • Complete review of your   objectives
  • Discussion regarding   charitable options

Custody and Investment Management Services


  • Safekeeping of all securities through Northern Trust
  • Collect dividends, interest, and bond proceeds on maturity or call
  • Pay bills including tax estimates
  • Sell or exercise rights and votes proxies
  • Perform a daily sweep of cash
  • Provide easy access to no-load mutual funds
  • Provide daily internet access to statement of transactions and   market value
  • Provide monthly statement of transactions and assets with market   values
  • Provide an annual tax summary

Note: Our agent custodian is Trust Company of Vermont for all securities. TCV’s custodian and our ultimate custodian for all securities is Northern Trust. All client reporting is done using the Northern Trust Accounting System.

Investment Management

  • Professional investment management of the assets in accordance     with the client’s objective
  • Performance monitoring and measurement through Fitek and/or Greenhill.
  • Custody of assets (see above)

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