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Our Fees

Fee Schedule

The standard fee schedule will apply when the New Hampshire Trust Company acts as Trustee or Investment Manager:

Annual Fee for Trusts & Investment Management Accounts

  • 1.00% of the market value on the first $500,000
  • .80% on the next $500,000
  • .60% on the next $1,000,000
  • .45 % on the next $1,000,000
  • .35% on the balance

Minimum Annual Fee: $3,000.00

Services include the following:

  • Safekeeping of all securities
  • Collection and payment of income
  • All record keeping
  • Investment management of the assets
  • Bill paying as requested
  • Annual summary of tax information
  • Preparation of fiduciary income tax returns
  • Periodic statements
  • Daily internet access to account information

Our company philosophy is not to charge additional fees with the exception of minor transaction expenses incident to the transfer of assets, or non-fiduciary tax returns completed by The Trust Company of Vermont.

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