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Website Visitor Privacy Policy

The New Hampshire Trust Company Privacy Policies – 2018

We do not collect or store personally identifiable information about site visitors.

Cookies: A cookie is a piece of data, stored on your hard drive, that contains information about the user. They are often used for personalization features to facilitate the user’s subsequent visits. The use of cookies on the New Hampshire Trust Company’s website is limited to Google Analytic’s first-party cookies reporting on user interactions on our website. These cookies store non-personally identifiable information.

Log Files: Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides us aggregate data collected in regard to visitor Internet connections and IP addresses that we use to analyze trends and administer our web site. IP addresses are not linked to personably identifiably information. Examples of the type of information reported to us:

  • The name of the domains from which visitors accessed our site (such as “”).
  • The name of the site from which visitors linked directly to our site, if any.
  • The type and version of browser used (such as Internet Explorer 11.0) .
  • The date and time of visits, what pages of our site were visited and how long a visitor stayed.

E-mail: When you use an e-mail link or contact form on our site, you are opting to identify yourself. Any information you provide is used only to respond to your request. We note that most e-mail is not a secure medium and if the information you are choosing to provide is sensitive or confidential, you may want to contact us by phone, postal mail or personal visit. When appropriate, we may offer access to a secure email option for communication of confidential information. You are responsible for the appropriate security over the related password and your personal computing devices.

Links: This web site may contain various links to other web sites that may be useful to the user. Please be advised that when you click on these links you are leaving the NHTC web site and NHTC encourages you to be aware of the security/privacy practices of these sites.

NHTC clients have the option of obtaining Internet access to their NHTC account data, via a link on the NHTC website. When this link is utilized you are also leaving the NHTC website and entering one provided by Northern Trust. This site does use cookies to process the password access features to your account.

Changes: If we should decide to change any aspect of our privacy policy, it will be posted on this website, under “Privacy Statement” on our home page.

Accuracy: We make every effort to insure the data and information presented on our website is accurate but cannot be responsible for any typographical or transcription errors.

Disclaimer: The investment and or estate planning information on our web site is provided for your information and we sincerely hope you will find it useful. Everyone’s situation is unique, however, and we urge you not to take any action based on the information provided here without seeking the advice of a competent investment or tax professional.


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