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The New Hampshire Trust Company is a state chartered trust and investment management firm for individual investors and non-profits. Headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire, the Trust Company was chartered on June 12, 2002. The Trust Company is unique among fiduciary and investment advisors for its combination of strategic partners which include a strong and stable community bank, a highly successful independent trust company, and a committed team of local trust professionals.

The focus and purpose of the Trust Company is to provide a full array of trust and investment management services where our customers reside. We feel very strongly that to truly meet our client’s financial objectives, we must have a strong relationship and regular on-going communication.

The trend in many larger organizations seems to be a move towards centralization of the service delivery team. These individuals, who only come into the community on an as-needed basis, are certainly not connected to the community, and more importantly, do not have the same opportunity to forge a solid working relationship with the client.

In addition, those individuals are typically not able to give back to those communities any significant amounts of time and energy because their responsibilities cover larger geographic areas. As a locally based firm, part of our ongoing mission is to give back to the communities which are such an important part of our livelihood.

As a state chartered institution, The New Hampshire Trust Company is examined and regulated by the State of New Hampshire Department of Banking.

We are locally owned by our employees and the Trust Company of Vermont.

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